Risk management

Timely and relevant risk management

The world is changing and new risks are emerging. The priority can be changed at this time. Risk management is part of Procudan's daily activities, among other things with our constant oversight and evaluation of commodity markets. Potential threats require insight and proactive handling to ensure security of supply and a stable flow of deliveries to our customers.

Billede Sourcing: Viden er afgørende

Sourcing: Knowledge is essential

The markets influence each other and the time of purchase is always crucial. Moments can be the difference between gain, loss and not least availability. Procudan's deep market knowledge strengthens our customers' decision-making basis for making decisive choices about purchasing products. At the same time, our extensive network of strategic partnerships ensures a stable supply with the possibility of double-sourcing and emergency plans, to address potential risks.

On top of the legislation

Each country has its own legislation. When products are subject to customs duties and taxes, it can be a big administrative task to keep track of new rates and specific product rules, which often change at short notice.

Quotas and MIP prices require specialized knowledge, and here we help our customers with the commerce, so that the purchase always takes place in accordance with current legislation.

Avoid production stoppages

Purchasing goods binds capital in the warehouse, and it is a balancing act to buy enough but not too much. No two of our customers are alike, and this requires flexible solutions that are always adapted to needs and wishes.

Contracts with Procudan ensure agreed volume and agreed price, and Supply Service ensures all coordination, which makes everyday life simple and guarantees precise deliveries with the option of reserve stock. In this way, Procudan ensures that our customers reduce the risk of production stoppages and tied up capital in the inventory.

Billede TAvoid production stoppages

Dealing with the unforeseen

In 2020, the corona virus changed everyday life all over the world in a short time. A new global pandemic became a threat to health, and rapid change and management became necessary. At Procudan, the safety of employees, customers and their families is always paramount, and a number of measures were quickly adopted to ensure the right working conditions. Together with our strategic partners, we work closely on an ongoing basis to ensure stable deliveries to our customers.

Billede De teknologiske muligheder

The technological possibilities

Digital solutions that can make everyday life easier for our customers are always in focus and constantly evolving at Procudan. The starting point is always the needs of the customers, as it is these needs that must define the contact with Procudan - both online and in the physical world.

The personal advice is always at the center. For instance, our customer portal My Procudan facilitates everyday work with our customers.


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