Single Point Sourcing

Purchase all your ingredients and packaging
in one place

In any collaboration we strive to understand challenges and see opportunities from the customer’s point of view.

No two customers are alike, and that is why the solutions differ accordingly.

With single-point sourcing, all purchases of food ingredients and packaging for ingredients are centralised. This makes your work easier and frees up resources that may be put to better use, for example for innovation and product development.

Focus on the value

Our single-point sourcing solution reduces the number of suppliers and thereby the costs associated with audits and evaluations.

The number of invoices and other business documents is similarly reduced.

The solution builds on contracts and just-in-time logistics for secure deliveries and reduced risk of production interruptions. 

Inventory is kept at smaller quantities to tie up less capital and free it up for development of value elsewhere in your company.

A solution that saves time, money, and space

Our close collaboration with the customer always begins with a discussion about how we can create the highest possible value.

We identify the ingredients and packaging for the customised solution and draw up a plan for collaboration involving all relevant persons for developing your single-point sourcing solution.

We use a calculation model that shows the exact value a single-point sourcing solution provides for the individual customer.

A safe process for implementation and operations

With our network of partners and manufacturers, you have access to global sourcing of GFSI certified ingredients and packaging for food. We start with the products that are most easily incorporated into the solution to create immediate value.

Remaining products are then phased into operations at the rate we agree on for the implementation plan.

The solution is designed to evolve in keeping with current needs, and together, we ensure that it always creates the experience of value.

All the practical activities are anchored in our procurement unit named Procudan Supply Service. This is done to streamline your work as a food manufacturer.

You can always find a full overview, including all relevant food safety documents, online in My Procudan.