Efficient and responsible purchasing

Sustainability is a key concern for many – and it is front and centre in our work with many Procudan customers.

We are jointly responsible for ensuring that our solutions and products minimise environmental impact. As an example, we are constantly working to optimise transportation capacity in shipments made directly to customers and partners or in flexible, environment friendly solutions for warehousing and logistics. 

Our network of strategic partners and producers includes carefully selected entities based on ethics, sustainability, and social responsibility.

We ensure that all collaborations adhere to our Code of Conduct, and we strive for sustainable solutions that meet or exceed the expectations of our customers.

Together with our customers, we develop the best and most valuable solutions based on openness and detailed mutual knowledge of the other party’s situation.

We then combine such knowledge and insight with our deep understanding of the various markets and the activities in them.

Our customers therefore are in a position to consolidate and enhance the efficiency of their purchasing operations through our wide range of products including: 



 ProCera Cheese Wax

Procudan Blends




Save time and build security

Supplier management is often a wide-ranging activity.

Audits and evaluations of suppliers and daily monitoring require attention and time that is then not devoted to key business areas. Sourcing via Procudan frees up your resources in that we manage the supply chain.

All entities in the Procudan supply chain are subject to repeat audits, evaluations, and measurements according to set goals.

You will get guaranteed deliveries of the right product at the right time and place, and you can keep track easily in My Procudan - our shared extranet.

Systematic security

Firm policies and mandatory processes are a fundamental element in sourcing at Procudan.

We apply a risk based process in which partners and producers are categorised, for example according to food safety and quality level and the degree to which they are critical for our activities.

Contracts with Procudan guarantee an agreed volume and an agreed price based on your needs and expectations for annual call offs. 

A Single Point Sourcing - solution will save you time, money, and space, and it will reduce supply risks.

We create security for you by