Risk management

Timely risk management in a changing world

The only constant is change.

What we consider a sure thing today may have changed by tomorrow. Priorities may change in a moment, and new challenges and risks may appear.

That is why risk management is a key element in the daily work at Procudan, based on our constant monitoring and evaluation of the markets for raw materials. 

Known and potential threats require insight and proactive work to secure the supply and give our customers a stable flow of deliveries.

Together, we discover how best to prevent production interruptions

In unstable markets, extra purchases are often made to protect production. The disadvantage is that such extra purchases tie up capital in the warehouse. It’s a balancing act to purchase sufficient but not excessive amounts.

A solution customised to your preferences and needs provides an agreed volume and an agreed price.

Our skilled team members in Supply Service handle all coordination, thus simplifying operations and guaranteeing precise deliveries with the option of peak storage. 

Personal guidance is a key element that, in combination with our customer portal My Procudan, streamlines daily operations for our customers. 

In this way, Procudan ensures that our customers reduce the risk of production interruptions and reduce the amount of liquidity being tied up in the warehouse.

Staying on top of regulations

Each country issues its own regulations, not all of them logical.

When products are subject to customs and excise taxes, the administrative work to keep track of new rates and specific product related regulations – often changing on short notice – can be significant.

Quotas and minimum import prices entail the need for specialised knowledge, and we help our customers organise the purchasing so that it always adheres to current law.


We create security for you by