Logistics & warehouses

Flexibility provides better flow and more space

Value can take many forms and manifest itself in many ways. What some attach great value to does not matter to others.

Therefore, we believe that the best and most valuable solutions are developed together based on our customers’ operations and needs.

No two customers are alike. Whether our customers need day-to-day deliveries or delivery of large consignments straight from the manufacturer, the solution is always customised to the customer’s needs and preferences.

Contracts with Procudan ensure the agreed volume at the agreed price.

Our Supply Service handles all coordination, simplifying life for customers and guaranteeing correct deliverables with the option of peak storage.

This enables our customers to reduce the risk of liquidity issues in stocks and of production interruptions.  The better we manage to combine delivery of ingredients, packaging, and Procudan Blends at the point of loading the trucks, the better we are able to protect the environment.


Secure food warehouses

Handling of food products requires attention to safety. Our level of food safety, GFSI certified, guarantees full traceability, documentation, and compliance with all relevant regulations.

Our food warehouses, with refrigeration units, are used only for food storage, and bottling of liquid foods takes place in our customised bottling room.

Procudan is highly experienced in handling all types of products according to relevant regulations.

This applies to organic, kosher, halal, and conventional foods, as well as to allergens, with all products being handled, stored, and transported according to the relevant requirements or regulations.

Responsible use of resources is a part of our CSR policy, and in the rare case of waste in our food warehouse, we forward usable products to be used on farms.



We create security for you by