Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR: To have respect and take responsibility

Taking responsibility and showing respect lies deep in our history and way of doing business. 

At Procudan, respect involves awareness that everyone has a role to play and a contribution to make in the joint effort to co-create value. For us, having and showing respect is about being considerate in the truest sense of the word.

Consideration and respect, in many ways, are the only means of advancement when we help each other excel in finding ever better solutions, and when we work together to forge alignment between what was promised and what was delivered.

Good long-term solutions are based on consideration all around. Consideration and respect for each individual’s background and for our shared world. That is the only way to develop value that is experienced on a personal level by all.

The earth's resources are valuable in more ways than one, and they should therefore be used wisely.

Focusing on optimal use of the raw materials, we help to reduce the amount of waste and residual products and ensure the reuse of raw materials as an alternative discarding them.

 We prioritize sustainability and environmental considerations throughout the supply chain.

We have developed an ethically sound supply chain, where the strict requirements for sustainability and social responsibility of our partners and producers go hand in hand with food safety.

The requirements are described in our Code of Conduct, which is based on the principles of the UN Global Compact with requirements for e.g. child labor, human rights, discrimination, anti-corruption, environment and security.

Focusing on four goals

At Procudan, we have decided to work on four of the UN Global Goals.

To work on each goal, we take on specific initiatives and apply our resources to making a difference.


Our initiatives are:

  • ensuring available food through sourcing from around the world
  • ensuring and following up that our partners and manufacturers live up to the agreed standards
  • comply with food safety and regulatory requirements

The goal is for us to stop hunger, achieve food security, improve nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture.

Find out more about Global Goal no. 2 here.

Case: Highest food certification - it shows who we are

We are proud that our solutions are the result of an uncompromising approach to quality, where the certifications are proof of our great quality work.

We have the highest food certification at the Global Food Safety Initiative level (GFSI) and the highest smiley status in the Danish smiley scheme. 

 Our initiatives are:

  • employ flex workers with respect for the individual's consideration
  • collaboration with local authorities in Kolding on internship initiatives with ongoing dialogue and work testing of people on the edge of the labor market
  • take responsibility for the education of young people
  • take responsibility for the individual employee's well-being with job status, job satisfaction surveys and workplace assessments
  • ensure ongoing communication and information to employees
  • hire employees based on personal and professional competencies
  • prohibit discrimination on the grounds of age, sex, race or religion

The goal is to promote sustainable, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all

Find out more about Global Goal no. 8 here.

In 2021, 7% of Procudan employees were flexjobbers and
12% in 2021 were students in education.

In addition, more than half of our employees are women -
both among employees and in the management team.

Case: From internship to permanent job

Laboratory assistant, Maria Del Mar Caparrós Morales, is a good example of how a company visit can benefit the student.

Maria gained insight, knowledge and interest in Procudan after a company visit.

The company visit resulted in an internship, a completed assignment and a permanent job at Procudan, which has been valuable for Maria and not least value-creating for us.

 Our initiatives are:

  • to choose environmentally-friendly electricity to ensure Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin from unspecified wind turbines in the Nordic region
  • introduce recyclable containers for liquid foods
  • reduce water consumption by 80% per container to be washed
  • replace lights in our warehouse and in the production area for LED fluorescent lamps with a longer service life, which leads to a reduction of 65% in electricity consumption for lighting in the company
  • replace refrigeration equipment in ProCera cheese wax production for new and environmentally friendly cooling system with heat recovery, which generates a total energy saving of 65% compared to the old cooler
  • Sort waste and recycle waste and surplus products

The goal is to ensure sustainable consumption and forms of production

Find out more about Global Goal 12 here.

Case: Innovative development project with a focus on work environment and workflows

We are looking into an innovative future where the manual processes in production are replaced with new and exciting technologies for the benefit of the working environment and workflows.

The project started in collaboration with the Danish Technological Institute, where a GTS specialist came by to assess the processes, uncover the challenges and gain insight into the automation solutions.

The specialist had great insight into, and understanding of, the challenges we had. Challenges of lifting smooth and heavy plates of 5kg, packing in cardboard boxes and putting cardboard boxes on pallets. These challenges were addressed, and the many good inputs for automating the processes have already been put in place. 

 Out initiatives are:

  • ensure that the ingredients and the packaging we purchase come from producers with respect for and adherence to basic human rights
  • give preference to suppliers who are members of Sedex (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange)
  • manage the fundamentals of free association and equality across gender, age, race, and religion
  • continue to look closely at the physical and mental work environment at the workplace
  • create an environment that supports a culture of employee wellbeing and a flat organisational structure at work
  • include all employees in employment contracts

The goal is to support peaceful and inclusive communities, provide access to justice for all, and build effective, accountable, and inclusive institutions at all levels. 

Find out more about Global Goal 16 here

Case:  Focusing on key values and their relation to the world of sports

Procudan’s identity builds on four values:
Proactivity, Respect, Efficiency, and Well-being

The key values were communicated at the annual New Year gala event in January 2022, with special reference to the world of sports.

Any team needs to collaborate, help each member excel, and stay aware of member strengths and vulnerabilities. 

Active part of the local community

We are an active part of the local community. With support and sponsorships for several local associations, we contribute to the development of local life and an active leisure life.

Education and generation of new knowledge is one of the cornerstones of developing shared value.

Therefore, we are approved as an internship placement company and are part of collaborations with pupils and students from educational institutions, where we jointly inspire and share our knowledge.

Find out more about our previous interns:

We currently sponsor



A healthy and safe workplace

It must be healthy to go to work, both physically and mentally, and the healthy work environment is a shared responsibility.

For us, passion and thriving at work are closely related. Forward momentum and a supportive environment foster achievements, collectively and individually.

We want the goal of such a supportive environment to be clearly visible in everything we do.

The pleasure of collaborating in a productive way, sharing the work, and achieving results together builds and develops in a positive manner when passionate people meet and co-create value

Safety is an absolute top priority in our daily work, and we optimize and evaluate processes ongoing. The employees are further trained so that they are equipped with the latest knowledge and tools that can contribute to a good, healthy and safe workplace.

You can read more about Thriving and the other core values ​​of working in Procudan via the button below.