Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR: From knowledge sharing to caring for the environment

Procudan is a responsible foods company. We take responsibility for ourselves, our solutions and our products, as well as taking a social responsibility that includes knowledge sharing and environmental considerations.

We have developed an ethically responsible supply chain, where strict requirements for the sustainability and social responsibility of our partners and manufacturers go hand in hand with food safety. These requirements are set out in our Code of Conduct, which is based on the principles of the UN Global Compact with requirements concerning child labour, human rights, discrimination, anti-corruption, the environment and safety.

See our CSR policy.

Sustainable for the future

The planet’s resources are valuable in more ways than one, and they should therefore be utilised responsibly. With a focus on optimal use of ingredients, we seek to minimise waste and by-products and ensure the reuse of ingredients as an alternative to discarding them. 

We prioritise sustainability and environmental considerations throughout our supply chain.

Billede Aktiv del af lokalsamfundet

Active in local communities

Procudan is active at the local level. To support local businesses, we provide funding and sponsorships, which benefit the local community and promote an active recreational life.

Education and generating new know-how are one of the cornerstones of these efforts. We are therefore approved for trainee placement and collaborate with pupils and students from a wide range of educational institutions, where we mutually inspire one another and share our knowledge.

A healthy and safe workplace

Going to work should be healthy, both physically and psychologically, and a healthy psycho-social working environment is a shared responsibility.

Safety is the highest priority in our daily work, and we continually optimise and assess our processes. Our employees are offered further training to equip them with the latest knowledge and tools.

Well-being is a fundamental value at Procudan.


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